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Niels Hartmann



Niels Hartmann (1931–78)

Graphic designer / Education: Kunsthåndværkerskolen (1946-50) / Professional career: established Hartmann Design with brother Jørgen Hartzack (1950-58); moved operations to Helsingborg (Sweden, 1958), Als (1959), and Malmö (Sweden, 1960-63); collaboration with the advertising expert Thomas Bergsøe (1963-64); freelancer at The Danish Agricultural Marketing Board’s advertising dept.; Andersen, Hartmann & Peetz-Schou (1965-66); in late 60’s involved in LEGO co-owned Dot Zero Design Group; own studio Niels Hartmann Industriel-grafik (1967-78) / associated with Unimark International (1969-70)